My Voice is my sword and shield, part II

11/28/2016 - 20:28
My Voice is my sword and shield, part II

Interviewing friends, I found out that many believe the voice of the natural body, and do it all the same change that insert into the breast implants. When I asked about this Sean, he admitted that it is due to the restoration of his real voice, he could become a professional singer and actor, although many experts recognized that it is hopeless. My children, too loud a voice that I almost cannot control, Sean explained obsessive desire to constantly be in the spotlight. We are engaged in a few hours, and I obediently repeated for Sean funny, but interesting exercise. At first I was pictured as a bee buzzing, but not required to pronounce the letter "w", and simply buzz with your mouth closed. Teeth I held open, it was necessary to completely relax the throat - from the pharynx to the dimples between the collarbones, and even mentally direct sound as though inside yourself. This exercise is aimed at developing a velvet, low tone and voice control, you cannot carry on a strong exhale - you need to like the sound of drinking. Sean said that very important energy and acting: to do everything you need with enthusiasm. So I showed the gesture bee flight, looking at her with admiration. For women, fashion voice low, but at the same time, ringing, in any case not hoarse.

For men is the low baritone, ideally with a little hoarse

The sound of the voice I needed to make tougher and lower than in ordinary life. When I was able to correctly perform the usual "bee", Sean complicated task: Now I tried to modulate the sound of above-below, but do not pass on the falsetto. At runtime, it is important to monitor that voice was throaty, regardless of the pitch. It's enough to put a hand to his chest and literally feel the vibration. For the exercise to improve diction should hold two finger on the upper and lower lip in the middle, but so that the corners of the mouth can move. After that I tried not to laugh, read Stendhal (text allowed any) - all sounds should be as clear, but that could not be heard, that my mouth is semi-closed. At the same time you need to seek well-read and relax the throat - then the voice will be breast. Then I let go of her lips and read the text more loudly, opening his mouth well and clearly pronouncing words.

My voice really became velvety, sharpness and squeaky almost disappeared

The third level of the game "My perfect voice" was the most difficult, I tried to read the text with different emotions and different images: frustration, joy, conspiratorially, jealously, with a Caucasian accent and even D'Artagnan. It was strange, tiring and very funny. Finally, I performed an exercise to increase strength of voice. Sean asked to recall a very joyful moment of childhood. When the sense of it, you had to scream "ouch!" loudly. At the same time the sound should not be squeaky and breast. Screaming is needed in a certain rhythm, making about two "oh!" in the second. About how it looks from the outside and the sound of my voice, Sean asked not to worry. The main thing is a strong emotion, this state of euphoria. Perform it must be half a minute. You can make multiple approaches at different heights of sound. After three, I felt tired, but happy. And most importantly - my voice really became velvety, sharpness and squeaky almost disappeared. His new sound like it's not just me, but my husband, who said that my voice was sexy, although he liked his "childishness". Now I want to learn to speak their old voice, but more mellow and deep. For the desired result, such small training should enter into a daily habit. Saying goodbye to Sean, I asked what the voices are now in vogue. "For women - low, but at the same time, ringing, in any case not hoarse. Although, I think, regardless of fashion, it is important for each to find their true voice. If we want to be heard, you need to articulate their desires and the way we do it is important.