11/28/2016 - 20:23

The expression "Happiness - it's not a goal, but the way" can be successfully applied to our most intimate side of life: the orgasm should not be an obsession, but it may become palatable "cherry on the cake" sensual, full of pleasures close contact with a partner. First, some statistics: the average duration of the act of love in the world is 15 minutes. The most persistent of the planet are Brazilians (their intimacy lasted a record 27 minutes) and, surprisingly, Hong Kong people (and even more - 29). At the same time 82% of people admit that they would like to improve their sex life. Not surprisingly, the practice of "slow sex" emerged, on the one hand, in defiance of a tired guarantee living at high speeds and antidepressants; on the other - it has become quite natural phenomenon and the most sensual moments in communion of two loving people. It is not only about how to get a long and intense pleasure, but also for our health.

Remember, slow sex - it is also a great cardio load.

Slow, but prolonged acts of intimacy improve blood circulation (which has a positive effect on the appearance of the skin) and activates some neurotransmitters. We sleep tight; we have improved the mood and even improve memory. Due to the slow sex, you will know yourself and partner. And it's a great "prevention" system - to make so much attention and enticing approach to the body by a partner cannot everyone. At this point, there is a real exposure - on the surface show through our fears, experiences that are gradually fading. Practicing slow sex on a regular basis, you can get rid of the clamps and become more confident in themselves and in their appearance so never limit yourself. The essence of a slow sex is to enjoy every moment of intimacy. Moreover, this practice can lead to multiorgasm. (Have you heard about this pleasant myth?) By the way, supporters of leisurely caresses openly refer to themselves as Sting, Hugh Jackman, Madonna and other stars. Some of them even learned the secrets of tantra, which, in contrast to the slow sex, requires a long learning and self-improvement. We give a few tips on how to not rush things.

Put sex on a slow fire

  1. Create the right environment. Slow sex does not tolerate fuss, and still it cannot happen in an unsuitable environment - it is important to pay attention to the surrounding flavors, textures, sounds ... All this will further enrich your empirically-erotic experience.
  2. Study your body. Arrange long foreplay without penetration and try to achieve pleasure "detours" for example, via breathing or lung biting ... We'll have to bring to bear all their imagination!
  3. Put sex on pause. Speech in the middle of intercourse word "stop" and confidently stop the process. It sounds bold and not too exciting? In reality, it was so tough and determined practice delay orgasm will make it even brighter when you subsequently continue affection. Abort, talk to each other - naked, looking into each other's eyes ... This will allow you to reach a new level in matters of trust. Slow sex in this case serves as a kind of psychotherapy.
  4. Tie the eye. This can make about one partner or both. Believe me, the move to the touch, you will be very slowly, but the process will be much more fun and sensual. Thus, you discover new facets and sides of the phenomenon of sexuality.
  5. Look in the Kama Sutra. Play the game: let every one of you will choose 5 (7, 10 ...) of the famous erotic poses manual. Do not stop until you try to master them all!