Your voice – is your shield and sword

11/28/2016 - 20:27
Your voice – is your shield and sword

One of the fans of Alan Rickman, whose colleague was referred to as the Voice, i.e. "The Voice", once wrote: "If velvet could speak, he would have spoken with Rickman’s voice. "What a voice! What a woman! After many years the inhabitants of Bad Gaulle compared this with the fact as if dropped from the belfry of the piano to the warehouse crystal chandeliers "- this Alessandro Baricco described the heroine of his novel" The Sea-Ocean ". In everyday life we ​​seldom attach importance to the quality of your own voice - without thinking that it can cause irritation in others, enthusiasm, confidence and even a sense of love. Obviously, therefore, we rarely use all its features. Meanwhile our success in work and relationships directly related to the way we speak. As a child, we often recorded on a cassette tape all sorts of nonsense, songs and poems, and then listened to the cacophony - our voices sounded absurd and strange. Here comes the disappointment: why my voice is so nasty? Adults answered that his own voice is not like any man. Why is this happening, they did not know, but the fact that a little comforted? As it turned out, the adults were wrong.

Career depends on sounding voice: the higher and louder, the lower the position of the owner

But then you open your mouth - and the image falls apart. It happens the other way around: apparently quite ordinary man suddenly attracted everyone's attention only to those that effectively says. And it's not always in the ability to win over the people, or in the possession of especially valuable information. An important role is played by just your voice. The voice is powerful meaning of influence on others. Many of Freud's patients fall in love with him, just listening to the doctor during a therapy session - without visual contact. American psychologists David Feinberg and Susan Hughes found that the sound of the voice has a direct impact on the human appeal. To do this, they conducted an experiment by dividing the participants into two groups. The pretty girl in turn communicates with each of them. The only difference was that the first group she spoke low velvety voice, and the second is a monotonous, hoarse and nasal. At the end, both groups exhibited her assessment of the appeal.

All participants in the first group assessed the girl on 10 points, the second - by only 2

The reason is that the low voice belongs to, as a rule, people with a high content of male hormones in the blood, which means more vivid temperament and sexuality. British Communication Psychology expert John Adair argues that career depends on sounding voice: the higher and louder, the lower the position of the owner. This situation is explained like this: First, high-sounding voice is associated with youth and at the same time - with inexperience, and secondly, squeaky, subtle sounds cause interlocutor disturbing sensations. This discourages the desire to communicate with their source and reduces the degree of confidence in him. Ambient always paid attention to the "childishness" of my voice, discordant with the exterior, and some completely outside the control of my most volume. I rarely notice that talking loudly; laughing loudly, even manage to whisper to scream. The words convey only 7% of information about the person, while the tone, rhythm, pitch, intonation of his speech is about 38%. People who like their own voice - and in record and in life - there. However, with love to the sound of his voice no one is born. This is a result of studying the mechanisms of voice and work on them. Indeed, why we do not regret money for clothes, manicure, make-up, a gym, but no one comes to mind that the voice for the formation of the image is as important as the snow-white smiles and expensive shoes? He is able to demonstrate carefully hidden complexes and self-doubt, even if rehearsed gait and calm look did the trick.